About UQ Rentals

UQ Rentals has been designed to assist staff and students in finding accommodation. This service is provided free of charge to anyone who would like to list available housing that meets our Terms and Conditions. Properties will remain on the website for a maximum of four weeks, after which time they will be automatically removed. If you would like your listing to remain after this four week period, please follow the instructions sent via email close to the expiry date which provides details on how to re-list your vacancy by using the "Edit a property" function.

All information submitted, except for your street number (which is required for administrative purposes), will only be available to UQ Staff and Students. Members of the public will be able to view your listing but will not have access to the exact location of the property, or your contact details.

The decision to list your property is at the discretion of the University of Queensland, who retains the right to refuse to list any property.