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Are there other companies that provide student accommodation?

There are several organisations (which are not part of the University) who specialise in housing that has been purpose-built for students. This accommodation can be self catering or residential college style accommodation where meals and laundry services are provided.

For more information, have a look at the link to our Recommended Providers, St Lucia Colleges and the Halls of Residence College,Gatton

Does UQ check the property, the landlord or the people living at the property?

No - Accommodation Services do not check any properties listed in the UQ Rentals database.

UQ Rentals is offered as a resource to assist students finding accommodation only. Any lease or other housing arrangement entered into are at the discretion of the student and the accommodation provider.

It is vital that you inspect any property you are considering renting before you move in or sign any agreements.

Will I need to find temporary accommodation while I look for permanent housing?

Finding a permanent place to live takes time. You need to consider the properties you view carefully - after all this is where you will be living while you undertake your studies. Generally, students who feel rushed or pressured are the ones who have problems with their accommodation later on because they take one of the first properties they inspect.

So that you can take your time in finding a place to live, we suggest that you organise some temporary accommodation so that you can search for long-term accommodation.

  • We have a list of temporary accommodation providers

If I have problems with the landlord, real estate agent or other members of the household what can I do?

Accommodation Services also offers tenancy advice throughout the year.  You are welcome to speak to one of the UQ Accommodation officers located in Student Services, Building 21D St Lucia Campus.  

Alternatively, you can contact the Tenants' Union Queensland or the Residential Tenancies Authority's Dispute Resolution.

Tenants' Union of Queensland

Tenants’ Union of Queensland
28 Robertson Street
Fortitude Valley 4006

Statewide Tenancy Advice Phone: 1300 744 263
Advice Hours: 9am – 4pm Mon, Thurs, Fri & 9am – 7pm Tues & Wed


Residential Tenancies Authority

Level 23
179 Turbot Street
Brisbane Queensland

Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
We are closed on Christmas day, Boxing day and New Year's day as well as all public holidays.

Calling within Australia: 1300 366 311
Calling outside of Australia: +61 7 3046 5400


What is the usual length of a lease?

Usually 6 or 12 months

A lease is a legally binding document and the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act will apply. As breaking a lease can be very costly, we recommend that you decide, before signing a lease, if you are confident of staying in the property for the duration of the lease.

Why are database listings still displayed when the accommodation providers tells me the vacancy has been rented?

Providers sometimes forget to let us know their vacancy is gone. Or maybe the property has just been rented, and they haven't had a chance to tell us. If you come across one of these listings, please let us the Accommodation Office know. 

Will I be able to have pets?

You will need to consult your landlord to seek permission to have a pet at the property.

How much should I pay for rent?

Rents are generally more expensive for properties closer to campus and less expensive further away. If you do choose to live further away then you need to ensure that you can travel to campus easily. If you are planning on using public transport, you can use the TransLink Journey Planner website to help you figure out how to get from any property to campus. The TransLink Journey Planner is available at:

The amount you can afford will depend on the amount of income you have. A general budgeting rule of thumb is that you spend no more than 30-50 % of your income per week on rent as you may find it too difficult to cover other living expenses. However, this is a guide only.

I have never rented a property before. How can I get information about what to look for?

Renting in Queensland for the first time?  
Accommodation Services developed an e-session which makes the often complicated process of renting much simpler.

Visit our Guide to Renting page as covers common problems people encounter when renting a house, such as:

  • how to find somewhere to live
  • sharing a property with other tenants
  • legal issues associated with renting and
  • what happens when it is time to move out.

The RTA website also has some very helpful information on starting a tenancy.

What is included in furnished accommodation?

Typically, furnished rooms for students will include a bed, desk, chair, lamp and wardrobe. Students should be aware that if they want to lease a furnished room, the contents of the room (ie the furnishings) must be written in the General Tenancy Agreement.

Recommended Housing Providers offer student housing which have been assessed by Accommodation Services before being endorsed by the University. The Recommended Providers are generally located close to St Lucia Campus.

Our recommended providers include:



Genesis 1 Student Accommodation


Student One

Unilodge - Brisbane City and at UQ St Lucia



This form of student housing can be pre-booked before you arrive in Brisbane, so that you will not have to compete with other students for rental units and houses when you arrive. However, pre-booking means that you cannot inspect the property before you agree to move in.

Can I organise my accommodation before I arrive in Brisbane?

If you want to pre-book your accommodation before you arrive, make sure you book through a Residental College or one of the University's Recommended Partner Properties:

This form of student housing can be pre-booked before you arrive in Brisbane, so that you will not have to compete with other students for rental units and houses when you arrive. However, pre-booking means that you cannot inspect the property before you agree to move in.

We strongly recommend that private rental accommodation only be arranged once you reach Brisbane. There are a number of reasons for this recommendation:

  • UQ does not inspect the premises advertised on the UQ Rentals Online database or Real Estate Agent websites, so there is no way to be sure that the details and descriptions provided are accurate.
  • There are laws which govern renting in Brisbane. A lease or tenancy agreement must be signed which legally commits tenants to pay rent at a property for an agreed length of time (usually a 6 month minimum).
  • Tenants are required to inspect rental properties very carefully before making a commitment. There is no way to move into a rental property on a trial basis.
  • For share accommodation, it is strongly advisable not to move into any property before you have met the current tenants with whom you will be sharing. Due to the need to sign leases, it is very difficult for people to simply move out of rental accommodation if they find that they are incompatible with the other residents.
  • Public transport options can be very difficult to assess from overseas.

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I have let my room/property and want to archive the listing. How can I do that?

If you go into your listing you can chose ‘close’ and this will archive the advertisement and allow you to come back and relist it when you are ready.